becoming one with the slime

hey what's up! my name is uuupah. im a twenty-something non-binary (they/them please!) person from australia plagued by a metaphysical urge to record my thoughts and feelings in meandering prose. i'm into exploring less mainstream music genres, character design and figure drawing, puzzle and movement videogames, old anime and rock climbing.

recent updates

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01/06/2023 - three albums - may 2023 [music]

10/05/2023 - 2023-05-10 [blog]

09/05/2023 - my art 2023 [art]

01/05/2023 - three albums - april 2023 [music]

26/04/2023 - on organisation [blog]


this site

is built using eleventy and hosted on neocities. i used flamedfury's tutorial to get started, and implemented bcomnes deployment github action to bring the amount of work required to make changes to almost zero. i also use obsidian and obsidian git to create and edit posts on my phone. the source code for this site is here.