infinite nightmare list of artists / pieces / references / things i want to draw

πŸ”ž warning! some of this stuff will be nsfw or include art that is nsfw πŸ”ž

thats just art baby! people are naked a lot as it turns out

welcome to the infinite nightmare list aka a big dumpster for me to put art related stuff that i want to revisit at some point. each section should have a reason that i want to revisit a link. also, i will probably just take images directly from the source so if shit is broken then that would be why

knebula knight

i've had this tab with this character sheet open for probably six months because i just find this character so damn appealing. knebula also has a real mnaster touch with colour, and is a great inspiration for tying colour together for dark skinned characters

itsmissing wizards

these are truly incredible, such a good kickstart for character design inspiration. the amount of fussing and research and raw imagination required for these kinds of designs is frankly staggering


again with the character design with a cool anatomy shorthand. their creature designs are also really compelling and are consistent with their overall look

tf2 official fem mercs

someone rustled up a huge load of female versions of the tf2 mercenaries in the tf2 source code leak back in 2020, and to the best of my knowledge this is the most convenient way to look at them. i love the way the character traits are communicated visually, and the pics are also just great inspiration for drawing similar characters in the future

insta // tumblr

deppa has this incredible flexibility as someone who is clearly incredibly skilled, but is able to give their art extra punch by drawing with a more casual look. their style fluctuates a lot, but they seem to largely work in pen, brush pen, and 1px digital tools and in monochrome. they use a lot of black infill, which is also something i'd like to experiment with

madina creates

i think theres a sizeable skill gap between me and this artist which is both depressing and relieving. the amount of confidence with these strokes is very indicative of a deep understanding of anatomy and posing and i'm not quite there yet, but this is a nice place to study


this is like a perfect practice reel for expressions. the artist is quite fun with them in general so i might give them more of a look

yuuuur on

this is an awesome repository of some normiecore / comfiecore fits that i think would make for great inspiration or reference. i can't save them to pinterest for some reason so theyre going here.

i can't find a source for this one

i actually did a long legs and yaoi hands pic like this completely unplanned the other day and its a style i'd really like to keep exploring. if you know where it's from let me know in the guestbook!

this look i am STEALING this LOOK and also probably THIS HAIR

and also THIS look

also nishio nanoro does heaps of cool mechs and medieval armour but they do feel a little out of my skill level

nikingply rabbit nuns

these reference sheets are super useful for inspiration and study from a particular artist as it gives a bunch of ideas all at once and also lets you compare the same art style from different angles and poses


murninator does these lovely hands that i really want to emulate, as well as good anatomy and simplification techniques for anthro characters. some excellent poses too a la

juliette cousin

these sketches are honestly insane theres some really nice realistic anatomy merged with pretty simplified faces and a fun variety of costume and expressions. a lot of these characters also have curly hair which is something i'm trying to work on at the moment


i'm really into the simplification methods and the curvy style of all the clothing in this pic - almost no straight lines. the artist also does heaps with floating / falling poses which is something i want to use more in the future

jan mesquita

this one is vibes exclusively i love the tools they use and the how expressive the faces are with such simple details

saucy mauler

mauler draws these incredibly solid and chunky looking bone and muscles masses. very bridgman esque. theres also a lot of progress photos which are super nice for learning